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The Art of Educating


Artinsieme is a pedagogic project, which crosses different forms of the traditional Art and Knowledge (here they are all considered as Arts). It is intended as a model to make school by means of the Art of Teaching.

Artinsieme makes no difference between the Art and the Knowledge, but it considers them all on the same level; just as how the ancients did when they classified the fields of Knowledge in Arts  of trivium and Arts of quadrivium. For Artinsieme, the Arts and the scientific/disciplinary Knowledge are all Arts, because the Knowledge is One.

It draws its pedagogic inspiration from the theories expressed in “The well-done head” by the French philosopher and sociologist Edgar Morin.

As it is aware of the Art being first of all a labour of creative freedom with due respect to the logic, Artinsieme must not be bound to (consolidated and dinosauric) fixed patterns. These fixed patterns belong to the past, and they make up an hindrance to the experimentation, the research and the development, and they are often inclined to close the mind instead of open it.

In Artinsieme’s point of view every Art is linked to the others through the logic, and all of them refer to each other.

As we are aware that the maturity of any human individual is directly proportional to his/her capability of linking things, in Artinsieme the knowledge doesn’t run dry in a single Art, but it develops by changing from one Art to another (for example, from music to painting, poetry, cinema, theatre, from history to biology, sociology, psychology, philosophy, economics, from mathematics to sciences, languages, and so on). At other times, one Art strengthens the idea already expressed by another Art, by means of developing and enriching it.

Everything happens in a continuous flow of the Knowledge, that, through multidisciplinarity, and from the point of view of the Theory of Multiple Brains by Howard Gardner, makes learning and knowledge easier. It also supports the forming of a flexible and complex thought, either a diverging or a converging thought (as it was theorized by J.P.Guilford), namely an Artinsieme thought, which is at the same time predisposed to the mathematical / scientific logic, to the creativity / expressiveness / interpretation, to the planning and the improvisation, to the inductive, deductive, and abstractive method, to the perception, to the pre-existing schemes, to the freedom from the same schemes in order to create new and more effective ones. The thought is One, so the problems are easier to solve and the solutions are more reliable, if we can look at them from different points of view, with a wider range of knowledge and with several systems.

Even though each Art maintains its own nature (none of Them is raped ...), nevertheless in Artinsieme any Art can’t do without the other.

Artinsieme must be free to be free, it must not stoop to compromises, that could change its essence, namely that they could make it lose its freedom of being what it is.

The idea comes from the structure and working of brain. It is composed of two cerebral hemispheres, that are connected between them and not divided.
There is a nearly incalculable multiplicity of neurons, that are connected between them by means of filaments, which allow the mutual exchange of information. When neurons are stimulated, links between them are formed.
When they are not stimulated, links break. The more the links between neurons and activated neurons are, the more the intelligence is.

Our mind is guided by our will, which is a kind of guiding unit. There is the mind of a single individual, which is guided by the will of the single individual, and, on different levels,  there are systemic minds, that should have to be guided by the will of intelligent and sensitive people - these people should have chosen to guide and they have to be prepared to do it – or by the will of a group of intelligent and sensitive people, who should have chosen to guide and be prepared to do it. So that systemic minds, on different levels, should be a guide towards their neighbour  in turn, they always have to respect their neighbour’s will and freedom,  and they also have to educate and train – by means of as scientific methods as possible, which are always in progress for a continuous improving – when the others’ will expresses against its neighbour and to its detriment. Since we are in progress, history teaches us that, in progress, more intelligent men and women are born during the time. For this reason, a system, which is based on deserts, should make come out the intelligence and the sensitivity, to the only advantage of the neighbour and the system itself.



From a practical pedagogical point of view, in order to help the development of this way of thinking of (which is necessary in this world of globalization) a work, a performance, or any work, Artinsieme has to:

-         CONCEIVE THE ART first of all as an instrument of knowledge (there’s nothing more exciting than knowing and understanding things ...);

-         LINK the ARTS and the traditional Knowledge, with and by means of the logic, in an organic overall structure, which turns out beautiful (as Art should always be), and that makes its own strength the strength of many Arts going in a synergetic way in the same direction .

-        AROUSE as much interest of people as possible to the Art and the Culture, so that each person, according to his/her own sensitivity, could be charmed with a particular aspect, perhaps he/she couldn’t understand other aspects, but meanwhile and however he/she could get nearer to them.

-        EDUCATE and have mainly charitable, not economic purposes, because the Art, when it is used to do GOOD, is even more beautiful ...

-        TRAIN men to the conscious respect for all the rules commonly agreed from their belonging community; to the freedom of speech and expression; to the freedom of the necessary Science and Art for a civil discussion of the rules themselves in order to find better ones; to a feeling of belonging which could become more and more important, supporting the inclusion and the integration instead of intolerance and racism.


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