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“… extraordinary musician, painter, classical guitarist, acting voice and more …”

Maria Teresa Prestigiacomo (President of “Accademia Euromediterranea delle Arti”, International Art Critic – Messina 2008)


Interdisciplinary Curriculum Vitae

Fabrizio Fiordiponti is a one school-master and a music-master, a creative and inventive independent artist, passionately fond of the research in the artistic/cultural field. He is chiefly well-known because he composed the artinsieme opera “The Dance of the Time” in two acts (it lasts about 1h 30m), a joint work of all the arts and knowledge. It is a kind of “work in progress”, that is similar to an idea of total Art, and that conjugates, on disciplinary subjects, the music with the theatre and the pictorial and cinematographic visual arts by means of the logic, giving birth to an opera where the Art is the real protagonist (from the official website of the Foire Off 2008 in Brussels: “l’opéra « La Danse du Temps » conçu par le poète italien F. Fiordiponti. 'La Dance du Temps' mêle différentes formes d’expression et du langage (musique, poésie et déclamation, cinéma, peinture, photographie, graphique et technologie web, philosophie, sciences, mathématiques) en une forme d’art unique. Structurée en cinq temps dont « L’infini » et « Le présent » constituent deux mouvements, l'oeuvre propose une réflexion personnelle de l'auteur sur le concept du temps.”)

Fabrizio Fiordiponti is also well-known because he established and conceived an academic artistic-cultural movement of educational Art, called “Artinsieme”, to which many Italian cultural associative realities and many intellectuals, teachers and artists freely contributed (on project).

… the soliloquy about the eternal return begins: the past that comes again, and the tension toward the future that prevents anybody from living an absolute present. The Time. It doesn’t exist, or maybe it does. But it’s the awareness of not being able to understand the endlessness with our mortal minds that hurts. A soliloquy? Rather, a dialogue with a guitar, percussion instruments and a virtuosic violoncello that together with the voice of Ventura (a great piece of jazz, in the end, that can change in the encore) is worth a warm applause from the audience …” “… Such an original work that the national competition ‘Liberarte’ (that is arranged by the Academy ‘Il Convivio’) had to invent another award … Actually, the competition provides for different parts, but it was impossible to include in one of them a product that united them all … In the background of a video representing the Universe and Its mysteries, a dialogue is established between the actor and the musicians about the Time, that exists or maybe it does not, and it is made of a past that comes again and a tension toward the future … This is it, in brief. But a summary doesn’t express the idea, since, according to the will of the producer, the opera is in full and free visible – by Roberta Fiordiponti – on the website Ilaria Dondi “Giornale di Brescia”) (N.B. The opera was in full and free visible for almost two years on the website

When you’re watching and listening to “The Dance of the Time” you can feel the anguish, you can estimate the fear, but, in the end, even if you’re going along a narrow street, you’ll arrive at the happy island of the serenity. But, be careful, it’s just a moment. As soon as you are outside the theatre, you’ll feel again the bewilderment, as you’ll be swallowed by the not genuine and anonymous crowd, by the vague noises, by the fast images, by the mechanism of every single action. You‘ll have to come back several times, if you want the wisdom you acquired in a flash not to be ephemeral, and if you want it to take lasting root in your soul. Nevertheless, believe me, every time will be an happy landing place, just like the landing place of the exile, who finds his long yearned country again.“ (Giusy Randazzo – Philosopher, Director of the Centre of Psycho-Philosophical Training of Genova)

Fabrizio was born in Biella in 1973. At the age of 8 he began to study the classic guitar first with  his father, and then in Lecce with the Professoressa Etta Lopez Zaccaria.

At the same time, he undertook scientific studies (the Certificate of Education and  the Faculty of Engineering at the Liceo Scientifico) and artistic studies. Then he chose to follow only the music, so in 1996 he got his diploma in classic Guitar (recognized officially as a Laurea, Act 508/1999) at the “Tito Schipa” Conservatory in Lecce, under the guidance of the Professoressa Monica Paolini. In 1999, in a selective contest in Paris, he won the “Diplome d’execution de guitar” at the prestigious “Ecole Normale de Musique Alfred Cortot”, as he was the pupil of the Maestro Alberto Ponce, who is unanimously considered one of the greatest teachers of guitar in the world, and who was himself the pupil of the Maestro Emilio Pujol.

In 1999,  Fabrizio was awarded a study grant offered by the Academy of Villecroze (France) to ten young professional guitarists of various nationalities.

Before his experience in Paris, he lived in various Italian cities, he studied in masters and lectures together with many Maestro (and also with Maestro Mario Gangi), and he had the opportunity to listening to many ‘voices’ in the musical field, also with regard to definite historical periods such as the Nineteenth Century (Maestro Carlo Barone).

In 2000, he established the Society “Musical Academy Musikrooms” that he left completely in Treviso a few years later, because of regular difference of ideas, although he remained an honorary member of it.

In 1998, as an external candidate, Fabrizio got his diploma in training school for teachers, and in 2000 he won two national regular competitions for entering as a regular teacher in the School, so he got the teaching qualification for the Infant-School and the Primary School. He was immediately called as a regular teacher of a Primary School in Coccaglio (Brescia), where he remained for six years. In the meantime, he began to connect his musical activity with his teaching work, and with a new deed of association he established the Musikrooms Cultural Association –  Normal School of Art (educational/creative laboratory and school of music). Then, he also established the national academic artistic/cultural movement named Artinsieme.

In May the 20th 2006, Fabrizio made his debut with the opera “The Dance of the Time” at the Museum of Natural Science in Brescia during the Astronomy Festival, organized by the Brescia Astrophiles Union and by the “Serafino Zani” Astronomic Observatory. At his debut, the auditorium was sold out and the audience appreciated him very much.

At the recording studio “Nipper Studio” in Milan he recorded the CD of the opera “The Dance of the Time”. After, it was made available and free in Internet, using the streaming technology on demand, for a long period and for everyone.

In the summer 2006, the Opera “The Dance of the Time” won the first absolute Prize as a “Multiarte” Opera at the National Competition LiberArte (Foggia). There, Fabrizio Fiordipionti was also named “Academic for His Artistic and Cultural Deserts” by the President of the International Academy “Il Convivio” (Catania). Since 2000 the Academy usually publishes a quarterly paper magazine about art and culture. This magazine is well-known by the workers in the field and it is spread beyond the Alps.

In 2007, at the famous and historical “English Cemetery of the Poets” in Rome, Fabrizio, under the direction of the Engineer Massimiliano Maria Palaia, produced and realized for the artinsieme opera “The Dance of The Time” a new cinematographic product, halfway between a music video and a short film (cortomusicato), that was included in the second act of the opera, and that he performed as an actor (in the part ‘presence’).

For Fabrizio, the approach toward the artistic and cultural study has always been the research. He has a classic training, he is open to every kind of contamination. He has played in chamber formations (with flute, piano, guitar, clarinet, harp, violoncello, percussion instruments, etc.), with little orchestra, together with opera and jazz singers, in rock, jazz and blues formations, together with dancers, poets and actors. He has also worked together with many (professional and not) artists from different origins.

In addition to the French competition at the Ecole Normale de Musique ‘Alfred Cortot’, to the two national regular competitions for entering as a regular teacher in the school, and to the first absolute Prize in the ‘Liberarte’ competition, he was the winner in some competitions playing the classic guitar and the chamber music. Among these, in 1996 he won the first prize as soloist, and the first prize in chamber music at the “Città del Barocco” Competition in Lecce.

Fabrizio has played in several Italian and French cities, and in several provincial and municipal administrations. He also played for the most important and different associations and cultural institutions: Musical Salentina Camerata in Lecce, Rotary International in Andria, Accademie Musicale de Villecroze in France, Friends of the Opera in Lecce, AGIF in Lecco, Italian Feminine Centre in Adria (Rovigo), Astrophiles Union in Brescia, Centre of Psycho-Philosophical Training in Genova, etc.

“ … Fiordiponti, apart from his technical and interpretative skills, is able to achieve full and soft sonorities from his instrument (Giuseppe Alfredo Pastore – Contrappunti – Cultura Spettacolo Costume di Bari, December 1995)”

In 1995, Fabrizio was present at Telethon in Lecce.

In 2007, when he, together with Artinsieme, was invited to the National Pluridisciplinary Meeting of Psycho-Philosophy in Genova, organized by the National Psycho-Philosoper Association and by the above mentioned Centre of Psycho-Philosophical Training in Genova, Fabrizio showed the premiere of the Artinsieme Suite “Pictures of Thinking”, and he received  a very great appreciation from the audience of intellectuals.

In 2004, Fabrizio worked as an actor-musician together with the ‘Telaio’ Theatre in Brescia and with the theatrical company of the ‘Necessario’ Theatre in Parma in the performance “Acquamara”, of which he composed a part of the sound track.

On his cultural way, Fabrizio also devoted himself to the didactics by publishing the book “Understanding the Music – The Didactics of Musical Elements” (Physa Edizioni Musicali), in which he starts from the treatment of simple musical elements, in order to arrive at the stave:

“… This work collects the didactic experience of the Author … it reveals a careful look at the psychology of the evolutionary age … It wisely corroborates the suggested didactic itinerary, the stress laid on the connections between the music and the society … infantile, adolescent and youthful  problems …” (Professoressa Anna Maria Santo, Lecturer of Didactic in Università di Lecce).

The text is currently free from the copyright, of which the writer has regained possession.

Fabrizio is also fond of the Internet communication: he established and saw to the portals and In 2009 he established the portal

Fabrizio was Organizing Manager of the prestigious International Guitarist Festival “Delle due città” at the Eden Theatre in Treviso and at the Ghione Theatre in Rome, in the 2003 and 2004 editions. In those two years at the Festival, some of the greatest guitar masters of the world were invited (David Russell, Katzuito Yamashita, John Williams, Manuel Barrueco, Sergio and Odair Assad, Irio De Paula, etc).  On that occasion, Fabrizio had the pleasure of meeting and going about with all of them.

Fabrizio is also an educator teacher Un.I.D.A.F. (Italian Teacher Association for the Updating and Training), an Association recognized by MI.U.R. (Ministry of Education, University and Research), for the grant of the didactic patents, according to the Carboni method.

In 2008 Fabrizio, together with many other famous names, such as Margherita Hack,  was invited to attend the project of the book “I Cerchi” by Franco Luigi Carena for the freedom of the press in the world, in support of the “Reports sans Frontiere” Association. The book will be published in 2010.

When in 2008 he was invited to the Faire Off in Brussels (Belgium) Fabrizio, in cooperation with the “Club del Libro”, organized a lecture on the youthful cultural models (which he lectured also as a speaker with the production of the act of intercultural course “The Intercultural Models of the Youth in a Technological Society of Mass Communication”, then published on in the section “informagiovani”). He also artistically presented  two Artinsieme works in a projection: a video (The Infinity – videoart) and a cortomusicato (The present – cinema).

Fabrizio coordinates the desultorily on-line independent magazine “Artinsieme – The Magazine that is as it comes out”, which he established in 2008, in order to support and advertise the activity of the Onlus “Water for Life” in Somalia.

In 2008, Fabrizio produced the medium-length film “The Glass Corpse” by Massimiliano Maria Palaia together with Luigi Diberti and Daniele Favilli.

In 2009, Fabrizio achieved a Master of Level 1 with marks 100/100 in “Pedagogical Aspects of the Artistic Subjects in the Teaching at the Primary School”, presenting a thesis of experimental pedagogy “The Pedagogy of the Improvisation” (Academy of the Fine Arts in Agrigento). In 2009, he established in Lecce “The Normal School of Art".

He  is a regular teacher.

During 2009 he worked at the Provincial Scholastic Office in Lecce as the holder of the chair of teaching in the Infant-School at the Didactic Management in the third circle “Armando Diaz” in Lecce.

Like every good school-.master, who draws inspiration from the pedagogy, Fabrizio is not very satisfied with the television, and he prefers not involving it in his happenings, save exceptional circumstances,. He prefers the radio, as he counts on his voice rather than on his image.




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